Best Food Topics for Your Essay from St Leonards’ Chefs

If you want to taste something classic and perfectly cooked, and yet unique and ideal to photograph for your social channels, St Leonards is the place to visit today. This dining hub in London is the place where people can taste extraordinary dishes. The chefs Andrew Clarke and Jackson Boxer offer pleasures in the form of mind-boggling meals that are far from traditional or repetitive.

Lucky for us, the master chefs from St Leonards have decided to share their expertise with students that need to write on food-related topics. If you are looking for a new idea for your research paper, in this article you’ll find some unique ideas that can turn you into a masterful essay writer.

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Food-Related Topics for Essay Writers

In the list below, you’ll find the most exciting and innovative topics for essay writers. Let’s take a look at what the chefs prepared for us today:

Topic 1: Themed restaurants, food and how they impact the customer satisfaction

“Everything about a restaurant creates a theme. It’s not just the ambient or the furniture used. It’s also the people that work there, their style, the way they dress or chop the food. A restaurant has a successful theme only if the makeover is complete, and it includes everything from the interior to the staff to the food served.

This would be an amazing topic for students to write on. When people enter a restaurant, they form an opinion about it. First impressions matter a lot. They also have a first impression when they meet the waiter or the person behind the counter. In open-kitchen restaurants, they have the chance to see the staff work. This also builds up their customer experience.

Lastly, there’s the food. The biggest part of the customer experience lies in the quality of food, but also in how it looks and how it fits the theme of the restaurant.

Just like they say about our restaurant. We’d be perfect for a Game of Thrones theme park because of Boxer, the clean-cut Lannister that works our metal-riveted station, plating the cured and raw meats for our customers. ”

Topic 2: More ingredients or the right choice of a few?

“Here at St Leonards, we don’t focus on adding endless ingredients to enrich the flavor of the meals. We believe that the best taste is achieved with the right combination of a few high-quality ingredients. We investigate the endless possibilities and mixtures of ingredients to prepare a meal that tackles the senses and tastes like nothing customers have tried before.

Here’s a good idea for your food essay based on this – you can write about how many ingredients make for the best meals. Is it more important to create muscular dishes and salads that no one can finish, or create something of impeccable taste with hand-picked, highest-quality ingredients that will keep the customer happy and perfectly full?

We believe it is the latter, but there are definitely different sides to this. You could write about restaurants that focus on putting more things on a plate and value quantity over quality, or restaurants that focus on quality above all.

Just consider our blackened onions dish. We use onions and dust them thickly with red pepper, and then lay this in a tuna bone caramel. We form it carefully by mixing tuna bones with stock and sugar until we create a custom-made, sticky fish sauce that is sweet and unforgettable. ”

Topic 3: Dishes for meat and non-meat eaters: what should restaurants serve today?

“You might be surprised to hear that we have only 2 beef dishes on our menu and plenty of non-meat dishes for our customers. We have our massive renowned sirloin for sharing, and a small bavetter served in pink slices of cured bone marrow.

We believe that meat makes for just one part of the meal. It comes best combined with a side of something delicious and healthy, such as our purple sprouting broccoli or our hispi cabbage dipped in molden pork fat.

Basically, our restaurant offers dishes for big meat fans as well as those that would like to try meat as a flavoring and not just a big chunk cooked in our kitchen. Restaurants today definitely need to diversify their options to tackle the taste buds of their clientele.

With this in mind, you could talk about how many restaurants have this approach. You’ll find that many stick to their old menus for decades, or add simply the traditional meals into their food arsenal. In many restaurants you can find chicken, pork and beef dishes, a few pasta choices, and some desserts. This is annoying and repetitive, and no customer wants to eat the same over and over again.”

Topic 4: Dessert after the main meal: which one should be more exceptional?

“Of course, all food should be exceptional when served to someone. But our idea here is – should dessert be as unique and magnificent as the main meal, or should it be more conventional to keep the customer full and amazed by the main dish?

We go for the latter in our restaurant. Compared to our extravagantly unique main dishes, we have desserts that you’d call more conventional. This doesn’t make them any less delicious though. We have, for example, a perfectly made salted caramel tart placed in a crisp pastry shell and combined with a cardamom ice cream.

It’s all about the combination, of course. The baba of our rum baba, for example, is perfectly infused with the right amount of rum. We combine this with pieces of pineapple, but not the plain kind – we smoke it to leave a distinct taste in the mouth of our customers long after they leave the restaurant.

Our idea here is that dessert cannot surpass the quality of the main dish. It’s the main dish that people go to restaurants for. It’s what takes away the hunger. The dessert is the strawberry on the top of ‘the cake’. It should be delicious and unforgettable, but simpler and more conventional compared to the main dish.

Do you share this opinion with us? We think that this would be a great topic to discuss, too.”

Wrapping Up

If you needed some great ideas for food topics, we hope these motivated and interested you. They are sourced from some of the best chefs in the restaurant industry, and are rather unique and based on their experience. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one, create the title you like, and start working on it. Good luck!