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A-writer is one of several writing services that offers the best guarantees. However, our guarantees are among the best you’ll find anywhere and is a primary reason we stand out from the crowd. They are called ‘guarantees’ because you’re surely going to experience/enjoy them as benefits of working with us. These guarantees include plagiarism-free work, no reselling, strict adherence to assignment instructions, deadline adherence, direct contact with the writer to ensure assignment discussion, credible sources for assignment, personal manager assistance, and 24/7 customer support.

Originally-crafted and plagiarism-free papers. has one of the most dedicated teams of writers that ensures that you are satisfied with the quality of their work. One of the ways that we ensure this is by providing term papers, essays, and assignments that are crafted originally by our writers and have zero plagiarism in them. The company has zero-tolerance for plagiarism, so they consider it when creating the content. The writers are also well-trained in creating unique papers and avoiding plagiarism, so you’re guaranteed to have original content every time you work with We also provide you with a plagiarism scan for every essay we write to show the originality of our work and put your mind at peace.

Deadline adherence

We understand the importance of deadlines when essays and term papers are involved. Our team of highly trained and professional writers is not only able to come up with unique works, but they do so within the stipulated deadline. Our ability to meet up with the set time and date for your order is why we offer the guarantee that you won’t need to pay for your work if we fail to submit it by the deadline given. Of course, we will give it out to you for free as compensation for not meeting the agreed deadline.

Strict adherence to instructions

Different essays and assignments have specific instructions, specifications, style guides, etc. The fact that your term papers and essays cut across various courses and have different lecturers makes it essential to stick to the instructions given for each one. At, we guarantee strict adherence to instructions and specifications for each assignment.

Direct contact with the writer

It is not often that you find essay writing services willing to make their writers accessible to their clients. However, this is one of the guarantees you get for choosing We believe that establishing a direct line of communication between our client and the writer working on their project ensures better work quality. Both parties can discuss the assignment at length, and constant communication guarantees that the essay is written according to client specifications. This also ensures that the client is as involved in writing their essay as they want to be, and they can give the writer constant feedback concerning the assignment and how it should turn out.

No reselling

We have a no-resell policy at All of our work is unique and created originally for each client. So you can rest assured that we won’t be reselling your essay to another client. We also promise not to publish or sell any work contracted to us to a third-party source. Every assignment given to us is our client’s property and will always remain so.

Credible assignment sources

All our essays are written professionally, and we ensure only to use credible sources worthy of an academic essay. This means our work is credible and 100% factual. We also assist our clients in finding the resources used as sources or references for the term paper or essay; whether it’s a book, journal, or newspaper, you will get all the information necessary to find the references.

Personal manager assistance

At, we provide all our clients with a personal manager who provides you with all the assistance you need while working with us. Your personal manager is responsible for following up on your order and ensuring that everything goes to plan. They are also involved in resolving any complaints where they exist.

24/7 customer service

Our customer service department works round-the-clock to ensure that you can reach us for inquiries and provide any help you need at any time of the day.



Choosing the essay writing service to work on your essays and term papers is not as easy a task as you would expect it to be. This is because there are so many of them, and your focus would be on finding the one that offers you the best benefit and guarantees. This is the best way to ensure you’re getting the value for your money.

At, we offer some of the best guarantees that you can get anywhere, which sets us apart from the rest as a leading essay writing service.