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At our medical essay writing service, we often get this question: “what is a medicine essay?” If you check out a sample of this type of paper, you’ll notice it’s not a simple research paper. In biology papers, for example, you explore a certain issue through several scientific resources. You’ll still need to analyze sources for the medical paper. However, this essay will also include your own evaluation of an event or experience.

The health and medicine essay involves evaluation of conditions, development of the event or experience, and methodology of treatment. However, it’s not as elaborate as a case study. It’s still an essay, which follows the standard format: introduction, body, and conclusion.

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Through this paper, you’ll not only showcase your writing skills, but you’ll also convey your ability to assess a medical situation.

If your professor asks you to write this essay for an experience you had as a student nurse on clinical placement, you will need to describe a real situation. That’s the most common type of assignment that students request from our medical essay writing service.

  • Describe the physical environment. The patients, the beds, the people you talked to, the things you were asked to do during the practice.
  • If you’re describing a particular case with a patient, focus on it. Remember: this is a medical terminology essay, so make sure you’re using the right terms that are adequate for higher education.
  • Since this is a reflective essay, you’ll also need to reflect. What did you learn from this experience? Was the experience challenging? How do you plan to advance your knowledge from now on?
  • When you’re referring to real cases with patients, make sure to keep them anonymous.
  • Relate the experience to reliable sources of medical literature. Provide proper references!


Where can you find academic resources that will make the essay more believable? You cannot rely on online encyclopedias and random websites you find through Google research.

  • The library of your university is the first place you should check.
  • You can still rely on online search, but it has to be reliable.


If you thought that writing in medicine wasn’t that important, you’re in for a surprise. Each medical school expects its students to be able to convey their knowledge and research skills in writing. Medicine is not only about offering treatment. It’s about using different sources of knowledge and digging deeper through medical research, so you can find solutions to a problem.

This is the main process to follow when writing health essays:

  1. Start ASAP! Plan the timeframe. How much time will you devote to research, writing, and editing?
  2. Brainstorm! Note down a few ideas and choose the best one.
  3. Do the research!
  4. Don’t skip the outline. It will guide you through the paper, so you’ll maintain the logical flow.
  5. Reference as you write! That’s the only way to keep the formatting on point.
  6. Editing is important. You have to correct all grammar mistakes and logical flow issues.
  7. Make sure there’s no plagiarism in your content! Use the plagiarism detection engine to make sure you get all references right.
  8. If you can’t do this, you can always get a medical essay help.


Sometimes you’re simply not able to write the health paper. If this is a medical school application essay, the challenge is even greater. You’ll have to prove you’re better than other candidates, so you’ll get the opportunity to study at the university you have your eye on.

Students from all around the world have trouble completing their health papers. You may be a great medical professional, but you may still not have the talent for writing. That’s okay. We can help!

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Maybe you’ll be more inspired to write your essay if you get some examples. Here are a few prompts that will help:

  1. Effects of Eating Disorders Over the Teenage Population in the USA
  2. The Negative Effects of Vegan Diet for Pregnant Women
  3. Are Self-Treatment Dangerous or Necessary?
  4. Methods of Cognitive Therapy for Mental Disorders
  5. The Biggest Issues of the U.S. Health Insurance System
  6. Euthanasia: A Patient’s Right to Die
  7. Are Private Hospitals Necessarily Better than Public Health Institutions?
  8. The Danger of Prescription Sleeping Pills

With these topics, it may be easier for you to start writing your paper. If you can’t write well or you don’t have time for the process, remember: you can always order the content at our website. You may use it as a template for all future papers you write! You’ll have a lot to learn from its structure and style!